Most of these articles and associated citation data are available via my Google Scholar profile.

For those new to academic publishing, please note that most of these articles were written for the research community. If you are a practitioner, you might find my books more useful. Still, I’ve denoted with * the articles that practitioners have found most useful.

If you’re just curious about what business school professors in the area of innovation and product development study, here’s a good gateway paper. It answers the question of how many new product ideas are out there for a given new product category. BTW, the answer is 2,115 ūüôā

*Empirical Evidence for the Role of the Domain Name Itself in Website Performance PDF via SSRN | w/ K. Girotra
The Impact of Visibility in Innovation Tournaments: Evidence from Field Experiments | PDF via SSRN | w/ J. Wooten
Idea Generation and the Role of Feedback: Evidence from Field Experiments with Innovation Tournaments | PDF via SSRN | w/ J. Wooten
The Environmental Paradox of Bicycling | PDF via SSRN
Practical Methods for Assessing the Quality of Selection Processes | PDF via SSRN | w/L. Kornish
*Will Video Kill the Classroom Star? | Mack Center for Technological Innovation | 2014 | w/ C. Terwiesch
*The Importance of the Raw Idea in Innovation: Testing the Sow’s Ear Hypothesis¬†| J. Marketing Research | 2014 | w/ L. Kornish
*Design is Everything? | Journal of Product Innovation Management | 2011 |
*Opportunity Spaces in Innovation: Empirical Analysis of Large Samples of Ideas | Management Science | 2011 | w/ L. Kornish
*Idea Generation and the Quality of the Best Idea | Management Science | 2010 | w/ K. Girotra & C. Terwiesch 
Valuing R&D Projects in a Portfolio: Evidence from the Pharmaceutical Industry | Management Science | 2007 | w/ K. Girotra and C. Terwiesch
*User Design of Customized Products | Marketing Science | 2007 | w/ T. Randall and C. Terwiesch
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Estimating the Technology Frontier for Personal Electric Vehicles | Transportation Research C | 2005 |
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