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  • Finding Content on This Site

    Most content here is a WordPress “post.” The exceptions are books and published articles, which are listed on dedicated pages you access directly via the main navigation menu. You can probably find the content you are looking for by searching using keywords. I’ve tagged most posts so that the search should work pretty well.

  • How to name your product or company

    Innovators, marketers, entrepreneurs, and managers will face the vexing problem of creating a name for something they have created dozens of times in their lives. Here is a guide to efficiently creating a great name. If you prefer to learn via video, here is my Wharton Online tutorial in video format. Full Dot-Com Availability I’m going […]

  • Mercury (banking app) – Interview with Imad Akhund

    Mercury (banking app) – Interview with Imad Akhund

    Interview with Imad Akhund, CEO, Mercury. Includes interesting discussion on Thiel’s 10x rule.