Courses Open to the Public

Wharton Online Courses on Entrepreneurship (Four short courses plus a capstone project. I am one of several co-instructors. Not free, but reasonably inexpensive. A version of these courses is also offered via Coursera. I believe there is a free option on Coursera.)

Wharton Online Course on Product Management (I am the sole instructor. This is a moderated on-line course with a professional cohort. It lasts 6 weeks and I believe costs about USD 2000.)

Coursera Course – Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society (One of the first MOOCs. Focused on “design” in the broadest sense. I am the sole instructor. I believe there is a free version.)

One-Week In-Person Executive Education Program on Innovation Management at Wharton (I teach this course jointly with Professor Christian Terwiesch. We spend pretty much the whole week together in a small cohort — typically 24-48 professionals. These programs cost about USD 11,000 at Wharton and include hotel and meals.)

Courses for Wharton MBA Students

OIDD 6540 Product Management (MBA Students Only)

Courses for Any Penn Student

OIDD 4150 / IPD 5150 Product Design (Studio instruction by Ashley Marcovitz)